The researcher

Eugenie Teasley

Hello. I’m Eugenie Teasley and I am fascinated about how people teach and inspire others in all aspects of life. I have extensive experience in the youth and education sectors in the UK and the USA, focusing on designing innovative learning programmes and driving strategy.  Although my projects are always based on serious research, my approach is playful and open.

My work has led me to becoming a Clore Social Leadership Fellow 2014 and I have written about my experience on it for The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector blog. I’m also a GLG Social Impact Fellow, and was named one of the 35 Women Under 35 in the UK in 2014. You can see my full CV here:

As part of my Clore Social Leadership Fellowship, I am conducting research on the link between pedagogy and leadership in the social sector. It’s an area close to my heart: I’ve been making the leap from teaching to leading in the social sector over the last ten years. As soon as I graduated from Oxford in 2004 I trained to be a teacher in a secondary school in south London, teaching English, Media Studies and even Latin. Confused by why some students did better than others, and wanting to have a better understanding of what I was doing wrong, I moved to the States and studied for a Masters in Social and Cultural Studies in Education at UC Berkeley.

I never went back to the classroom. Instead I’ve worked for ten years in education, youth-focused charities and social enterprises both in the USA and the UK, including at a brilliant non-profit in San Francisco (826 Valencia). In 2011 I founded a small charity. Called Spark+Mettle, it enables less privileged 18–24 year olds to build the character strengths, soft skills and networks needed to succeed in work and life. The charity won an award as one of The Observer’s “New Radicals” in 2014. I’m now working freelance, supporting individuals, teams and organisations to inspire those around them and maximise their impact.

I’m 34 years old and I am based in Brighton, UK, with my husband, sons and dogs. This research is my main project while on sabbatical in the south of France with my family until the end of 2015.

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