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Take this stuff and use it!

Put one in your pocket. Put the other on your wall.

Do you have a second before you scroll down to find the downloads and then dash off to collect them from the printer? I’d love to know who you are and where you work and such—so PLEASE fill in this short form.


I am very grateful to Sol Kawage ( for helping me to turn people’s brilliant insights into these beautiful designs.


A DIY guide to being a Boss Boss

— A4 size —

Print, cut, fold, read and reflect on how to be a great leader (aka a boss boss) and how to bring out the best in others. This is design is inspired by the DIY energy of zines: a quick flip resource for grown-ups who like the idea of literally having something in their pocket whenever they need it.

It’s easy flow, helps with self-accountability, enables retention of key doing principles and it’s more fun than an app.

—Gareth Dix, Founder, Exhale


  1. Print it out (on A4 paper)
  2. Fold and cut according to illustration and marks.
  3. Read through some of the key insights into good leadership (and teaching).
  4. Find a few moments to think about your own practice.
  5. Fill in the blanks about what you’ve been doing recently, and what you want to happen next. Jot down your vision and your upcoming objectives; reflect on how you’ve been with your team, and draw out what you want to be doing, and how you want to be, going forward.
  6. Use the five questions to think even deeper. If you like, flip the paper over and use the blank side to note down your answers or sketch out additional thoughts.

All this on just one section of an A4 page? THAT is an economical use of space.

Neat tip: print yourself a new one each month and stash them all somewhere safe to track your own progress.

Neat hack: share it with your colleagues as inspiration for how you could co-design something similar that is specific to the needs of your organisation or department or project.



Can’t click on the image to download it? Find the pdf file here.

Want a big (A3) version? Click here!

A poster on how to be a Boss Boss

— A3 size —

Don’t want to fiddle about with cutting and filling in stuff? Want to have a beautiful summary of the collected wisdom of others to put on your wall? Then this poster is for you. Just download and hit print. Or get someone else to print it for you.


  1. Print it out (A3 paper)
  2. Put it on your wall
  3. Be inspired

Framing encouraged, but optional.

Neat tip: why not print these and put them near the bathrooms, so that everyone can stop and think about them while they’ve got a little time to themselves…?


Can’t click the image to download? Find the PDF version here.

Want an interactive version ? Awesome. Just click here. Copy and paste and email everyone you know. Go spread the love!


Wait, did you get this far and somehow forget that you had half been thinking about filling in that form all the way back at the top??? Never fear. No need to scroll up, just scroll on…

As I was saying, I’d love to know who you are and where you work and such—so PLEASE (actually) fill in this short form (this time). Thank you!