The Findings

Discover what I discovered through the ten interviews with social sector leaders on supporting and managing the individuals and teams within their organisations, and to what extend this stuff links to pedagogy and teaching. The following posts summarise and analyse the great thinking of the great minds I tapped.

  1. Introduction: a short reminder on why it’s important to focus on individuals in your organisation
  2. The best leadership style
  3. Four ways to improve how you manage and support others
  4. Five tips for successful check-ins
  5. Scaffolding: what it is and how to do it well
  6. Co-design: what it is and how to do it well
  7. Strengths: what they are and how to incorporate them
  8. A visual guide to the overlap between good teaching and good leading
  9. Five questions to ask yourself
  10. Plenary: where I sum things up, somewhat


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They’ll make you a better leader. A boss boss, in fact.

All based on the tips, tricks, insights and wisdom I gained through this research.

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